Baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate the upcoming bundle of joy. Between the food, decorations and drinks, make sure you don’t miss the most fun part of the day – baby shower games! We have chosen 15 best baby shower games your guests will love!

15 Best Baby Shower Games - Onesie Decorating Station

Onesie decoration

Each guest should decorate a onesie with paint or washer-safe markers. They can draw something or write a funny message. You can never have too many onesies for the baby!

15 Best Baby Shower Games - Block Decorating Station

Block decoration

Have your guests decorate a blank block for the baby. Blocks can be a great decoration for the baby’s room!

15 Best Baby Shower Games - Late Night Diapers

Diaper messages

Guests should write a special message or funny saying onto the bottom of the diaper. It will be a nice laugh for the mom and dad during the late night diaper changing.

15 Best Baby Shower Games - Baby's First ABC Book

Baby’s first ABC book

Let your guests create the ABC book for the baby. During the party, each guest should color a page of the ABC book. They can also sign their name at the bottom of the page they colored. You can place the pages into the photo album, bound them at a local print shop or glue them in a notebook. It’s an adorable keepsake for both the baby and the mommy-to-be!

Pink And White Flowers What's In The Diaper Bag, Baby Shower Game, Girl Baby Shower, Printable File, SH01

What’s in the diaper bag

Fill the diaper bag with baby items – baby bottle, rattle, bib… Guests will have one minute to feel the items inside of the bag with their hands and write them on a piece of paper. The person who guessed the most items wins!

How big is mommy’s belly

This game is one of the classics. Each guest should cut the ribbon to the length they think will fit all the way around the mommy’s belly. The person with the closest measurement wins!

Baby Elephant Guess The Sweet Mess, Baby Shower Game, Boy Baby Shower, Printable File, SH08

Guess the sweet mess

This one is also a classic (and a bit messy). Get several different candy bars and melt each one of them on a different diaper. Guests should guess which candy bar was used for each diaper.

Gold Confetti The Price Is Right, Bridal Shower Game, Printable File, SH22

The price is right

Great game for the fans of the TV show. Purchase several baby items (pacifier, rattle, bib…) and arrange them on the table. Place the paper with the price next to the each item. Make sure the price is hidden (you can put the paper upside-down). Each guest should try to guess the price of the items.

Little Elephant Baby Bingoe, Baby Shower Game, Girl Baby Shower, Printable File, SH07

Baby bingo

Give the bingo cards to guests. Each gift that mommy-to-be opens will become a clue for the bingo.

Crown Who Knows Mommy Best, Baby Shower Game, Girl Baby Shower, Printable File, SH06

Who knows mommy best

Guests should fill out the cards with mommy-related questions. Mom-to-be will then reveal the answers. The guest the with most correct answers wins!

15 Best Baby Shower Games - My Water Broke

My water broke

Place plastic baby figurines into the ice cube tray, fill with water and freeze overnight. At the shower, give each guest the ‘ice cube baby’ to put in their drink (all guests should do it at the same time). The guest who’s ice cube melts first must yell ‘My water broke’ to win the game.

15 Best Baby Shower Games - Don't Say Baby

Don’t say baby

When guests arrive, give each one of them a clothespin. Nobody is allowed to say the word ‘baby’ throughout the whole shower. If someone says the word ‘baby’, others can take their clothespin. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins!

Safari Animals Nursery Rhyme Quiz, Baby Shower Game, Gender Neutral, Printable File, SH25

Nursery rhyme quiz

Test your guests knowledge! Give each one of them a card with questions related to popular nursery rhymes. Compare and see who got the most answers right!

Little Princess Word Search, Baby Shower Game, Girl Baby Shower, Printable File, SH05

Baby word search

Whoever finds the most baby-related words is the winner!

Gold Confetti And Pink Watercolors Predictions And Advice, Baby Shower Game, Girl Baby Shower, Printable File, SH17

Predictions and advice

Each guest should fill out the card – predict the eye color, hair color, weight, length, due date… After the baby is born, mom can check the cards to see who had the closest guess!

Which one of these 15 best baby shower games is your favorite?

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