Baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate the upcoming bundle of joy. Between the food, decorations and drinks, make sure you don’t miss the most fun part of the day – baby shower games! We have chosen 5 best baby shower games your guests will love!

5 Best Baby Shower Games

Predictions and advice

Each guest should fill out the card – predict the eye color, hair color, weight, length, due date… After the baby is born, mom can check the cards to see who had the closest guess! This game is an adorable keepsake for the mommy-to-be!

5 Best Baby Shower Games

The price is right

Great game for the fans of the TV show. Purchase several baby items (pacifier, rattle, bib…) and arrange them on the table. Place the paper with the price next to the each item. Make sure the price is hidden (you can put the paper upside-down). Each guest should try to guess the price of the items.

5 Best Baby Shower Games

Nursery rhyme quiz

Test your guests knowledge! Give each one of them a card with questions related to popular nursery rhymes. Compare and see who got the most answers right!

5 Best Baby Shower Games

Emoji pictionary

Have your guests guess the baby-themed phrases from the emojis. The guest the with most correct answers wins! There are two additional versions of this game: nursery rhyme emoji pictionary and children’s books emoji pictionary.

5 Best Baby Shower Games

Baby shower bingo

Baby bingo is very popular baby shower game that both moms and guests adore. It’s an interactive game that is fun and easy to play. Have your guests fill in the cards with gifts they think the mommy-to-be will receive. As she opens her gifts, the guests play bingo. Center field on the card is free. Any line wins – horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Which one of these 5 best baby shower games is your favorite?

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