Wondering about the baby shower etiquette? What’s proper (and what’s not) when it comes to baby showers? Who should host? This simple guide will answer your questions!

Baby Shower Etiquette

Who should host the baby shower?

Definitely not you! The idea of a baby shower is that your family and friends ‘shower’ you with gifts. If you worry that no one will step up to throw you a baby shower, you can ask your best friend (or some close female relative) to be in charge!

Can I have more that one baby shower?

Yes! Your friends and family members are excited about the baby and they will all want to throw a shower for you. And since it’s up to others to throw you the baby shower – you can have as many of them as you want!

What’s expected of the mommy-to-be?

Your only requirement is to be the guest of honor (and to send out thank you notes in a timely manner). But, you may want to help with the:

  • Party favors: Giving a few inexpensive trinkets to the guests is a nice thing to do. You can give some chocolates (or other tasty treats), nail polishes, even succulents! Don’t forget to include favor tags!
  • Refreshments: Ask the hostess if she needs help with the food. Perhaps guests can bring the appetizers? Or you could pitch in when it comes to drinks?

Should I register for gifts?

Yes! Most of the guests will be thankful for the guidance. Just don’t be greedy!

  • Pick a store with reasonable prices: You don’t want to put your guests in the position of spending a lot more than they’re comfortable with. If they want to spend more money, they’ll buy you more than one item.
  • Request modest gifts: Register for baby-care essentials, bibs, onesies and blankets. Take care of the crib and other expensive baby items yourself.
  • Notify the guests: Be sure to include the registry info on the invitation!

What about a baby shower for baby number 2 (and number 3)?

Baby showers for the second-time moms and third-time moms are called sprinkles. If your friends want to throw you a shower for the baby #2, why not? It’s very helpful to register for gifts – depending on when you had the baby #1, you may not need a lot of supplies. Just a lot of diapers!

What are your thoughts on baby shower etiquette?

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