Most new mothers will throw at least one baby shower to celebrate their first pregnancy. It’s not uncommon for mothers to have a baby shower for their second, and every other pregnancy as well. The one question bothering them all is when they should have their baby shower? Which time is best?

The Best Time To Have A Baby Shower

What’s the typical time for a baby shower?

In the past, it was common to have a baby shower right before the end of the last trimester. This timing was perfect because people mostly lived close to their families. All of this made it a lot easier since there was no need to organize the timing, travel, and everything else.

When families begun to live apart and further away from each other, having a baby shower early in the last trimester was an excellent time to choose. Also, the beginning of the last trimester is the usual timing for all baby showers today. If you decide to have more than one baby shower for your pregnancy, it’s good to consider the timing of your baby shower to be earlier in the third trimester.

Be careful about the timing of your baby shower

You should avoid having a baby shower before the 20-week mark in your pregnancy. But, if you wouldn’t want your baby to join your baby shower, you shouldn’t have a baby shower after 38 weeks of pregnancy as well.

What dictates different timing?

Some of these reasons may dictate the timing of a baby shower:

  • When a mother is expecting twins or even multiples, a baby shower can be later in the second trimester or even earlier in the third. It’s common for twins to come out a bit earlier, and that’s why mothers tend to have a baby shower a bit earlier. That way, they wouldn’t miss having their baby shower because the twins came earlier than expected.
  • Cultural and religious beliefs can also play an important part. Some religions and cultures prefer to have a baby shower after birth, which is great because the baby can attend as well. Ceremonies of having a baby shower after the baby was born are known as the “naming ceremony” or the “welcoming ceremony.”
  • Geography is an essential factor for families that are scattered across the globe. If that’s the case, you should choose the best geographic location and timing so that most family members could attend. You should consider that the timing of this baby shower needs to be ideas for a pregnant mother to travel safely and comfortably.
  • Holiday, seasonal, and other gatherings can also be excellent timing for a baby shower. Having a baby shower around holidays or other family gatherings can be excellent since most of the family members will already be there. The one thing you need to consider now is how to plan both celebrations together so that each one of them can be unique.

You need to know that this is your party, and you should time it according to your wishes and needs. You shouldn’t care too much about the standards as much as you should about the rules of baby shower etiquette.

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