8 Baby Shower Trends for 2020

Organizing a baby shower is a big event for everyone. Throwing a party to celebrate the little bundle of joy is a must! Here are some 2020 baby shower trends that are worth considering.

8 Baby Shower Trends for 2020

Open the gifts after the baby shower

Some of your baby shower guests may not be pleased with this idea – they want to see you unwrap the gifts. However, by opening the gifts later, you’ll allow your partner to enjoy the unwrapping experience with you. Unboxing presents later will also cut down on a lengthy baby shower. It will also help to avoid the unwanted awkwardness when you realize you’ve received similar gifts.

Think about a co-ed guest list

Want your partner to be by your side during the event? Give him/her the invitation! Couples baby showers are becoming more and more popular. Mixed company will undoubtedly liven up the entire event! After all, having a baby should be a shared experience between both parents.

Go for a diaper shower

If you want to avoid the awkwardness of receiving a ‘bad’ gift or a repeated one, let your guests know you only need baby wipes and diapers. This trend lets everyone to contribute, regardless of their budget. This is also a great option for people who don’t feel comfortable picking out a gift for baby shower.

Give to charity

Baby shower can be a perfect time to call attention to causes that are important to you. The party doesn’t have to revolve entirely around a charity or a non-profit organization. Just ask the guests to bring a package of wipes to donate to a local shelter. You can also give your leftover flowers and balloons to a hospital or a senior living center.

Consider hosting a sip & see

Sip & see is a new trend on baby shower parties. It’s a baby shower and meet-the-baby celebration – merged into one party. Most people decide to host this event after the baby is at least four weeks old, which is the necessary period for the baby’s immune system to build up.

Consider throwing a baby sprinkle

Baby sprinkle is a scaled-down baby shower. Second-time mom doesn’t need everything that a new mom does – just a lot of diapers. Sprinkles are becoming more and more popular. Even experienced parents can use support from their families and friends before the new baby comes!

Combine baby shower and gender reveal

A combination of baby shower and gender reveal is an excellent option if you don’t want to organize two separate events. It will definitely make the party more fun!

The library shower

Some moms are asking their baby shower guests to bring a children’s book instead of a gift. That way, you can build your baby’s first library very quickly. A nice touch is to ask each guest to write a personal note in the book. Library showers are usually books only, but you can also ask for a book in addition to another gift.

What are your favorite baby shower trends for 2020?

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