What Is a Baby Sprinkle

Baby sprinkle is a scaled-down baby shower. It’s a low-key gathering and it doesn’t require much work. Everything is simplified, from food to decorations.

What Is a Baby Sprinkle

Who is invited?

Only close friends and family members should be invited. Since it is a more casual event, you can make it a co-ed and invite the dad-to-be and his friends. You can also make it a kid-friendly party. You should specify that it’s a baby sprinkle (and not a baby shower) somewhere on the invitation.

Who should host?

A close friend should host a baby sprinkle. Also, a couple of friends could co-host the sprinkle together.

When to host?

Baby sprinkle should be around 2 months before the due date (28 to 32 weeks gestation).

How long should it last?

Baby sprinkle is shorter that the baby shower. It shouldn’t last more than 2 hours.

Should guests bring gifts?

Etiquette says that guests shouldn’t bring expensive gifts. You already have the big-ticket items from your first pregnancy (car seat, high chair, crib, stroller). Guests should bring only the basics (baby clothes, diapers, wipes, toiletries, bathroom essentials…). Gift card amounts should be under $50. You shouldn’t include the registry on the invitation, but keep it handy, in case some of your guests ask.

What about favors?

Gift bags and favors are optional. If you want to give something to your guests, choose small and inexpensive gifts: candles, candy bars, popcorn bags, hair ties, chocolates… Don’t forget to add a cute favor tag!

What about thank you cards?

You should still send thank you cards, even though it’s a casual event. Keep it short (but similar to a regular baby shower thank you message).

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