5 Tips for the Perfect Bridal Invitations

Creating the perfect bridal invitations is an important part of throwing a successful and memorable bridal shower. Here are a couple of things you should consider to be sure the invitations are well received, personal, detailed and effective.

5 Tips for the Perfect Bridal Invitations

Guest list

Don’t assume you know every person that should receive the invitation. The bride might have co-workers, relatives or childhood friends you could miss if you don’t check with her first. Even worse – you could invite someone that she really doesn’t want at her party. Make sure you have a finalized gust list before you start with the invitations!


Wedding colors are very important, since they will be used through the whole wedding – from RSPV and save the date cards to thank you cards and favor tags. Although the bride is not the one purchasing the invitations and throwing the shower, make sure you’re using her wedding colors on the bridal invitations.


Pick a design that represents the bride. Is she elegant and classy? Perhaps an invitation with the floral border? Does she like theme parties? Tea party, garden party, beach party? If you don’t know her well enough, talk to the family members and her close friends.


Have several friends read the invitation to make sure you haven’t left out something important. Confirm date and time, address of the bridal shower location, RSVP contact, registry details and directions. And spelling!

Be creative

The wording on a bridal invitation doesn’t need to be formal – so feel free to add a poem or a funny line and make it one of a kind!

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