Nursery room is a sanctuary for both the mom and the baby. It’s a place where they get to bond. As such, nursery must have a relaxing feel. Beside the functional accessories and the comfortable furniture, it’s important to choose the appropriate wall art. Keep in mind that wall decor is more than just making the place beautiful – it plays a large role in shaping your kids creativity and imagination. Here are some nursery wall art ideas to transform those blank walls into the magical wonderland!

Nursery Wall Art Ideas


These super cute animal prints are gender neutral – they will look great in both boys and girls nursery. They will also make an easy transition from nursery wall decor to a big kid’s bedroom, as your little one grows.

Nursery Wall Art Ideas


Little ballerinas are the perfect addition to a baby girl’s nursery. These adorable dancers will create unique atmosphere for your little girl to enjoy and dream big.

Nursery Wall Art Ideas


Pretty mermaids and their ocean friends will add personality to your baby girl’s nursery. Create magical space for your little girl and spark her imagination with these colorful mermaid prints.

Nursery Wall Art Ideas


Nothing is more personal than monogram wall art. Place your baby girl’s initials on the wall and you will make the nursery her special place. Monogram wall prints will decorate the walls of the child’s room for many years. Monogram will always remain actual (unlike cartoon images).

Nursery Wall Art Ideas


Create an eye-catching fairy tale in your baby’s nursery. These beautiful and modern princess wall art is designed to bring a little charm to the baby girl’s room.

Nursery Wall Art Ideas


These unicorn prints will add a bit of sparkle and brighten up your little one’s nursery, bedroom or playroom. Make the walls magical, whimsical and dreamy!

What do you think about these nursery wall art ideas? How did you decorate your baby’s nursery? Let us know in the comments!

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