What’s a wintertime party without hot cocoa? This warm drink is a must for any event at this time of the year – winter wedding should be no exception. Hot cocoa won’t blow your food and drink budget. It’s a great idea to serve it before the wedding ceremony (to warm the guests up), during the cocktail hour (if it’s spiked) or around the bonfire (as a dessert). No matter when you decide to serve it, there are a couple of things you can do to upgrade a standard cup of cocoa. Forget the white ceramic mug and serve it in a coupe glass or copper mug. Add ‘extras’, like peppermints, chocolates, marshmallows and other toppings. Here are 8 ways to serve hot cocoa at a winter wedding.

8 Ways To Serve Hot Cocoa At A Winter Wedding

Hot cocoa station

Make a hot cocoa station, instead of putting dispenser on a table. Decor the cart with a calligraphed sign, greenery garland and custom cups.

Flavors and toppings

Set up a display of drink additions, like white chocolate chips, peppermint stir sticks, cinnamon sticks, mini marshmallows and whipped cream. You can also include flavor syrups (peppermint, gingerbread, salted caramel), so the guests can customize their cocoa cup.


No cup of cocoa is complete without marshmallows. Buy various shaped marshmallows (stars, snowflakes, Christmas trees, hearts) – they will look better than the regular ones.

Food pairings

Elevate each mug with a dessert on a stick, like a chocolate chip blondie or a frosted donut. If the event goes late enough, this late-night snack can also be served as breakfast.


Hot cocoa will look better if it’s served in a copper mug. You can buy the mugs in bulk and give them to your guests as a favor at the end of the night.

Think outside of the box

Hot cocoa doesn’t have to be hot. Serve a frozen hot cocoa signature cocktail. You can also serve hot chocolate on a stick.


Offer several flavors, like salted caramel, mint chocolate chip, dark chocolate, caramel mocha, peppermint mocha.


End the night on a sweet note – send your guests home with a pre-packaged treat. Create a mini-package that includes a packet of cocoa, mug and a thank you note.

What are your thoughts on serving hot cocoa at a winter wedding?

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