What are the best man responsibilities? Should he organize the bachelor party? Should he help the groom to choose the attire? What about the toast during the wedding ceremony? Here’s everything you need to know about the best man duties.

Best Man Duties

Before the wedding day


Best man should help the groom pick and buy (or rent) wedding attire and coordinate the groomsmen attire. Best man should also prepare the emergency kit for the groomsmen. The kit should contain extra cufflinks, extra tie and shoe polish.

Bachelor party

Whether it’s a golf day, yacht party or a night at a favorite club, best man is typically in charge of organizing the bachelor party. He should first check with the groom on whether or not he wants a bachelor party. If the answer is yes, best man should follow the groom’s wishes for the party. He can ask other groomsmen to help with party planning.

Groomsmen’s gift

Best man should ask each groomsmen to chip in for a special gift for the groom. The gift can be the groom’s favorite drink (vintage bottle of wine or a bourbon, tequila, scotch).

Emotional support

Best man should offer a shoulder to lean on. He should also listen to the groom’s confessions, questions and complaints.

Rehearsal dinner

All wedding party members should be present during the rehearsal dinner, but best man should help to gather the rest of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Best man should also make a toast.

During the wedding day

Groom and groomsmen schedule

During the morning of the wedding, best man should keep an eye on the clock – to make sure the groom and groomsmen arrive to the wedding venue on time. During the ceremony, he should make sure the groomsmen are in the right place at the right time.


One of the most important best man duties is to hold the wedding rings. He may also be asked to keep the groom’s wallet or cell phone.

Welcome guests

Best man is usually a sibling or the groom’s best friend. This means he knows a majority of guests who are coming to the wedding, which makes him the perfect candidate to welcome them to the ceremony.


Usually, the couple needs two witnesses when they sign the marriage licence. This duty is often given to the maid of honor and best man.


Best man should be the first to make a toast. Good toast should celebrate the newlyweds and also be appropriate for the setting.


Best man should be on the dance floor after the couple’s first dance. He should mingle at the wedding reception to make sure the guests are having a great time. Best man should also dance with the mother of the groom and the bride during the wedding reception.

Collect gifts

This will depend on a wedding setting, but the best man should be in charge of gifts transportation to the newlyweds house after the wedding.

After the wedding day

Return attire

If the newlyweds are leaving for the honeymoon right after the wedding, best man should take care of the groom’s wedding attire after he changes. He should also make sure that rented tuxedos are returned on time.


Vendors are usually paid 1 month before the wedding day, but if they haven’t been, best man should settle everything before the end of the wedding night.

Getaway car

Best man should coordinate transportation for the newlyweds to leave the wedding reception. He should also ask for help from the wedding party members to decorate the getaway car.

What are your thoughts on best man duties?

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