Honeymoon Registry Etiquette

Wondering what is the honeymoon registry? How to ask for the honeymoon money? What about the traditional registry? Here’s everything you should know about the honeymoon registry etiquette.

Honeymoon Registry Etiquette

Travel plans

Every registry website has a space to tell about your upcoming travel. Be honest and descriptive. Outline the itinerary – what you’ll be seeing, doing, eating, experiencing. It’s recommended to acknowledge why you’ve chosen a honeymoon registry instead of the traditional registry. Also, let the guests know how much will their gift impact your experience.

Specific items

To make the guests’ gifting experience a bit more personal, break down the itinerary into specific experiences and items (upgraded plane tickets, couple’s massage, local cuisine cooking class). This will give the guests a fun insight into the adventure you are planning. They will feel like they are buying you something specific (instead of just writing you a check).

Traditional registry

You may not want something to clutter your countertops, shelves and closets, but there are some guests that would rather give you a tangible item. Because of this, you should still make a traditional registry. You don’t have to register for housewares – choose fine art, espresso machine, gift cards…

Be flexible

You should definitely use the money from the honeymoon registry for your honeymoon. But, there is no rule saying that SCUBA diving lesson your grandparents purchased actually has to be a SCUBA lesson. Maybe you’d rather upgrade the standard hotel room to a bungalow or treat yourself with a luxurious day at the spa.

Thank you cards

Include a memory in your thank you cards. If someone gifted you a zip-lining tour, include a picture of you and your spouse from the adventure. This will take your thank you cards to the next level. Be sure you send thank you cards within 3 months of receiving the honeymoon funds.

What are your thoughts on honeymoon registry etiquette?

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