How to Choose the Right Wedding Veil

Wedding veil can enhance your look by complementing the beading or embroidery on the wedding dress. Wondering how to choose the right wedding veil? What style should it be? How should it be worn? Here are some things to remember when choosing a wedding veil.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Veil

Heavily embellished dress

If you want to wear heavily embellished or beaded wedding dress, there are two veil options. For the princess look, go with the classic cathedral veil. The second option is a veil with matching beadwork or embellishment along the edge. If you choose the veil with crystals, they will twinkle as you go down the aisle.

Simple dress

If you have a simple wedding dress and want to add the drama to your look, choose the angel cut veil that is trimmed in organza, satin or horsehair. You can also choose the elegant veil with light lace.

Statement back dress

To show off your back, choose a cathedral veil without any details (crystals or beadwork). Stay away from multiple layers of fabric.

Dress with a long train

If the dress doesn’t have a lot of back details, you can choose any type of veil. Cathedral veil is a very popular choice, because it creates a dramatic look. Be sure the wedding veil goes past the train.

Modern dress

For modern dress style (mermaid, tea-length), go with the modern veil. These are square-cut, layered, short and blusher veils.

Vintage dress

If you want to wear a vintage dress, choose a birdcage veil.

Short dress

For a cocktail length dress (or shorter), choose a birdcage veil. You can also wear a short multiple-layer veil.

Boho dress

If you have a destination wedding and plan to wear a beachy or a bohemian dress, a chapel veil is the perfect choice. It will flow in the wind, but it won’t be too cumbersome.

What are your thoughts on how to choose the right wedding veil?

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