How to Fly With Your Wedding Dress

With full flights, grumpy passengers and cramped spaces, flying with your wedding dress can be tricky. Wondering how to pack it? Should you buy a separate ticket for the dress? Do you need to bring a steamer? Here’s how to fly with your wedding dress.

How to Fly With Your Wedding Dress

Talk to the airline

Every airline is different, so it’s a good idea to call them and ask how they handle large and delicate items, like wedding dress.

Pack with care

It’s not easy to pack wedding dress into a garment bag neatly, since there’s usually a lot of fabric and a train. Stick the hanger through the top of the bag and hang it. Take the left and the right side of the dress, then fold them toward the center. Take the bottom of the train, then roll it up. Zip the bag carefully.

Overhead compartment

If you need to place the garment bag in an overhead bin, roll the bag up, starting with the hanger. You can also lay the wedding dress on top of other passengers’ luggage.

Carry-on requirements

You don’t want your wedding dress thrown away to checked luggage. It’s important to make sure you’ll be allowed to bring the dress as a carry-on. Check the size and weight rules with the airline.

Plane ticket

If you want to be safe, buy a plane ticket for your wedding dress. That way, the dress will never leave your sight.

Open seats

If the flight isn’t full, you can check if there are any open seats, to put the dress in it. Someone will probably be willing to swap with you, so you can sit next to your wedding dress.


Don’t forget to pack a portable steamer. Put a towel over the head of the steamer, to avoid water spots.

What are your thoughts on how to fly with your wedding dress?

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