How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Traditionally, wedding ceremony will incorporate bouquets for bridesmaids, corsages, altar flowers and bridal bouquet. Flowers will also be used for centerpieces and garlands at the reception. Though wedding flowers can be expensive, there are several ways you can keep the cost low. Here’s how to save money on wedding flowers.

How to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Mix expensive and inexpensive flowers

When it comes to wedding flowers, mix high with low is a rule you should follow. You can combine baby’s breath and white or blush roses. Greenery goes great with roses or peonies.

Add other decor

Candles are as romantic as flowers – and they can help you save some money. For table displays, you can add personal items, like keepsakes, pictures or even lanterns. You can also find some unique vessels that will hold less flowers.

Reuse flowers

Reuse ceremony flowers at the wedding reception. Create a backdrop for the ceremony with large floral arrangements. Transport them to the reception venue during the cocktail hour. You can also do this with bridesmaid bouquets. Put them in small vases, then display vases on cocktail tables.

Choose seasonal flowers

Don’t choose flowers that are out of season. Also, choose flowers that are grown locally – they will cost less and be fresher than flowers that are shipped from far away.

Think of volume

Choose full-petal flowers rather than small blooms. Use flowering branches like forsythia or cherry blossom to get a voluminous and colorful look.

Choose few types of flowers

Choosing a variety of different flowers will increase the cost. Keep it simple and stick to a few types of flowers – this will keep the cost down and prevent the florist from bulk ordering.

Use plants

Use potted herbs or plants as centerpieces, so you (or guests) can take them home and replant. Palms, cacti, succulents and terrariums are a great way to make a statement.

Ask the florist for advice

Good florist will help you spend your budget wisely.

Choose a venue that is naturally beautiful

Choose a gorgeous garden, windswept beach or a wooded grove as a wedding backdrop. Enhance the surroundings with a few floral accents.

Have one or two statement centerpieces

Save money on wedding flowers by using a few statement centerpieces (flower wall, hanging garden) and minimal arrangements on tables. There’s no need to cover every surface at your wedding reception with flowers.

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