Many brides had to cancel their pre-wedding celebrations because of the social distancing. Although a virtual shower is not the same as the one held in person, it’s still possible to have fun without risking anyone’s health. Wondering when to send invitations, should you send favors and should you play games? Here’s how to throw a virtual wedding shower.

How To Throw A Virtual Wedding Shower


Send digital or physical invitations. Be sure to include: date and time, link for the virtual meeting, explanation of the virtual shower (how it works), RSVP and registry info. 


It may be a bit odd to collect RSVP’s for the virtual shower, but it’s important to have a headcount. You have to make sure the platform allows the size of the group. Also, if you want to send favors or refreshments to guests, you need to know how many people are attending (and their addresses).

Food and drink

You can send refreshments to the guests before the shower – mini bottles of champagne, sugar cookies or some other food/drink that goes with the wedding shower theme. You can also send the guests a recipe for the signature cocktail and ask them to prepare it for the virtual party.


Make a pretty backdrop, take a photo of it, then email the photo to everyone. Each guest can upload the photo as their virtual backdrop.

Dress code

Dress code doesn’t need to be fancy. It can be a silly or a fun theme. The goal is to make the virtual event feel like a celebration.


Gift opening is important part of any shower (baby, bridal or wedding). On the invitation, ask the guests to send gifts prior to the shower – so the bride-to-be can open them during the virtual shower.


Add some fun to the wedding shower with games that can easily be played virtually, such as Who knows the couple best or He said she said.

Advice for newlyweds

A fun tradition is to have the guests fill out cards with advice for the newlyweds. Have guests send their cards prior to the shower, then read them aloud during the shower.


Thank you card is appropriate for the virtual event like this. If you want to send favors, buy some small items that can be easily mailed: mini chocolate boxes, mini soaps, mini bath bombs. Don’t forget to add a cute favor tag!

What are your thoughts on how to throw a virtual wedding shower?

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