Last Minute Wedding Planning Details

You budgeted, researched, saved and planned. Wedding day is almost here, but that doesn’t mean the prepping and planning is done. From picking up the marriage licence to packing the bags for the honeymoon, here’s a list of last minute wedding planning details.

Last Minute Wedding Planning Details


Make a list of songs for dinner, dancing and cocktail hour. Also make a list of songs you don’t want to hear. It will give a guidance to the DJ about which music you love (and which one you don’t).

Point person

At your big day, everybody will have some questions for you. Pick a friend, family member or a bridesmaid to help with inquiries.

Tip envelopes

Put cash in envelopes for your wedding planner to issue. Be sure to label the envelopes. You should tip DJs, musicians, makeup artist, hair stylist, bartenders, drivers and servers. Many brides also tip the wedding planner.

Final wedding dress fitting

Schedule the final gown fitting, to check if there are any additional alternations that should be done.


No matter if you are sticking with the traditional ones or writing your own vows, now it’s time to finalize them. Be sure to also finalize order set before the rehearsal dinner.

Confirm delivery

Make sure that deliveries (flowers, cake, rentals) fall within the right timeline.

Hair removal

Book the hair removal appointment a couple of days before the ceremony, to avoid any skin reaction (redness, itching…).

Pack for the honeymoon

Pack the bags for the honeymoon and confirm the travel arrangements. If you’re leaving the country, don’t forget to pack your passport.

Getting ready timeline

Confirm appointments with hair and make-up artists. Give a schedule to the wedding party. Let the photographer know when to start the photo shoot.

Backup plan

Have a backup plan, in case of a bad weather. Some venues have both the outdoor and indoor space to use. If not, you have to organize a tent.

Cards and gifts

Ask a friend or a bridesmaid to collect cards and gifts at the end of the evening.

Final headcount

Give the caterer a final headcount, to ensure he makes enough food. Most vendors will want this information a couple of days before the reception.

Pack the essentials

Pack wedding day essentials a couple of days early (hair products, make-up, shapewear, accessories).


Pick up the wedding rings a couple of days before the wedding. Have the engagement ring cleaned, so it sparkles on the wedding photos. Also clean the other jewelry you’ll wear on your wedding day.


Pack the wedding favors. Tie ribbons and bows. Don’t forget to add a cute favor tag!

Marriage licence

Check the requirements and laws for your state. Visit the local clerk. If you’re having a destination wedding (international or domestic), check the paperwork requirements as well.

Create a schedule

This is a very important step, whether you’re having a wedding planner or doing everything by yourself. Schedule the times when things should happen, including the start of the ceremony and the time when you’ll need to finish the wedding reception.

Manicure and pedicure

Your hands will be photographed a lot. Get a manicure and pedicure. Choose a nail polish shade that you will love looking at in the wedding photo album.

What are your thoughts about last minute wedding planning details?

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