Ring bearer is an adorable addition to the wedding. Who should you choose? How old should he be? What should he wear? Should he attend the wedding reception? Here’s a ring bearer etiquette.

Ring Bearer Etiquette

What is a ring bearer?

Usually, ring bearer is between 3 and 8 years old. During the wedding ceremony, he carries the wedding rings down the aisle.

What does he do?

Ring bearer has very important duty – to deliver the wedding rings. If he can walk on his own, he should go down the aisle after the members of the wedding party and give the wedding rings to the officiant or the best man. If he can’t walk on his own, his parents can carry him. Also, flower girls can escort/guide him.

How to choose the ring bearer?

Ring bearer is a child of people who are close to the couple. He can be a kid of the maid of honor, best man, couple’s cousins or some other family members or friends.

What should he wear?

When you are deciding how the groomsmen will be dressed on the wedding day, look for the coordinating attire for the ring bearer. Traditionally, parents of the ring bearer should pay for the outfit, but you can purchase the attire as a gift.

Should he attend the wedding reception?

If you are having other children at the wedding, then you should invite the ring bearer to the reception. Seat the kids with their parents. You can also arrange the kids table (with kid-friendly food, babysitter and some fun activities). If the reception is adult-only, help the parents of the ring bearer to find a babysitter. Consider paying for the babysitter cost.

What are your thoughts on ring bearer etiquette?

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