There’s so much that needs to get done the week before your wedding. Whether you are managing your own wedding or using a wedding planner, the week before your big day will be a loaded one. Follow this list of things to do the week before the wedding to make sure you’ve got it all covered and that your special day is perfect!

Things To Do The Week Before The Wedding

Test the full look

Try the dress, shoes and jewelry. Practice walking down the aisle. Be sure everything feels comfortable.

Break in the wedding shoes

Wear them around the house each day and walk on several different surfaces. Do everything you can to avoid painful blisters on the wedding night.

Clean the ring

Have the ring cleaned, so it sparkles on the wedding photos. Also clean the other jewelry you’ll wear on your wedding day.

Meet with wedding planner

Have a final meeting with your wedding planner and go over any last-minute details.

Confirm RSVP’s

Call the guests who haven’t sent you RSVP’s. You need the final guest count for the venue and the caterer.

Make a seating chart

You should have most of the RSVP’s by now, so sit down with your husband-to-be and finalize the seating chart. Send a copy to your wedding planner, wedding photographer and maid of honor/designated bridesmaid.

Give a shot list to the photographer

Also, designate a member of the wedding party or a family member to check in with the photographer on the wedding day.

Check marriage license

Google the requirements and laws for your state. Visit the local clerk. Make sure your marriage licence is in order.

Confirm honeymoon arrangements

Pack the bags for the honeymoon. Double-check the flight times. Confirm travel arrangements, hotel bookings, activities, dinner reservations. If you’re leaving the country, don’t forget to pack your passport.

Confirm vendors

Confirm details (date, time, location) with vendors – send them an email or give them a phone call. Make sure they know the name and phone number of your point person. This includes the caterer, florist, hair and makeup team.

Double-check payments

Gather cash and checks and put them in clearly marked envelopes. Check the contracts for payment deadlines. If there are vendors you must pay on the wedding day, delegate a bridesmaid or a relative to handle this.

Plan the post-wedding transportation

Going home after the wedding? Or to an after-party? Either way, plan the transportation for the end of the night.

Assign someone to be the morning-after person

Ask a family member to collect the gifts, card box and decorations at the end of the evening. They should also check the venue to make sure you didn’t leave something behind.

Prepare wedding boxes

Prepare boxes of things you will need for the wedding – cake knife, cake stand, cake topper, guest book, toasting glasses and other things you’ll bring to the wedding venue.

Check rehearsal dinner details

Confirm rehearsal dinner details with a family member who is planning it. If you are in charge, call the restaurant or venue and go over the menu, timing and other important details.

Tip envelopes

Put cash tips in envelopes and give them to the wedding planner to issue them on your wedding day. Be sure to label the envelopes. You should tip DJs, musicians, drivers, bartenders, servers, makeup artist and hair stylist.

Escort and place cards

Purchase or make the escort and place cards. Ask your craftiest friend or a bridesmaid for some assistance. Be sure the cards complement the wedding theme.

Welcome bags

Prepare welcome bags for guests from out of town. Be sure to add a cute favor tag!

Bridal party gifts

Wrap the gifts you bought for bridal party members. Include a personalized note with each gift.

Drop off items at the venue

Drop off boxes with wedding items and decorations ahead of time (if the venue is ok with it).

Song selection

Make a list of songs for dinner, father-daughter dance and cocktail hour. Pass it to the DJ before the wedding.

Emergency kit

Pack a wedding day emergency kit – safety pins, fashion tape, nail file, pain killers, band-aids, hair spray, extra make up, sewing kit and mints.

Check in with groomsmen and bridesmaids

Make sure the groomsmen have picked their tuxedos and they know all about wedding day logistic. Also, check if the bridesmaids have any last-minute questions.

Practice vows

No matter if you are sticking with the traditional ones or writing your own vows, now it’s time to practice them out loud.

Manicure and pedicure

Your hands will be photographed a lot. Get a manicure and pedicure. Try to get it done 1-2 days before the wedding. Choose a nail polish shade that you will love looking at in the wedding photo album.

Pack the wedding bag

Pack anything you might need – clothes, lingerie, medications, pajamas.

Check the weather forecast

Use several weather apps, for the best accuracy. Have a backup plan, in case of a bad weather. Check if venue has both the outdoor and indoor space to use. If not, organize a tent.

What are your thoughts on things to do the week before the wedding?

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