Wedding Bouquet Etiquette

Wondering what kind of flowers should you have in your wedding bouquet? What style should the bouquet be? Should it complement your wedding dress? Here’s everything you should know about wedding bouquet etiquette.

Wedding Bouquet Etiquette

What kind of flowers should you have?

Choose flowers by personal preference, time of the year and wedding color scheme.

What bouquet style should you have?

There are no right or wrong bouquet styles. Whether it’s minimal, traditional, loose and organic or even non-floral, choose what feels comfortable and what reflects you as a couple. When it comes to the bouquet size, it should be proportional to the bride. Bride shouldn’t be swallowed by a large bouquet. There will also be no impact with bouquet that is too small.

Should it complement the wedding dress?

Design of the bouquet has a lot to do with design of the wedding dress. Sleek dress with clean lines goes with a minimal bouquet, to not overpower the dress. Ball gown will be able to handle a large bouquet.

How much does the wedding bouquet cost?

Price for the wedding bouquet is $150-$350. This doesn’t include flowers for the wedding party.

Who should have flowers in the wedding party?

Usually, you should have bouquets for the bridesmaids; nosegay, flower crown or basket with petals for the flower girl; nosegays, floral clutch clips or corsages for female family members (mothers, sisters, grandmothers); boutonnieres for the groomsmen, ushers, ring bearers, male family members (fathers, brothers, grandfathers) and groom.

How to make bouquets different?

Usually, brides choose to have their bridesmaids carry a smaller version of their bouquet. Sometimes, there’s a certain flower that appears only in the bridal bouquet.

What to do with the bouquet after the wedding?

You can have it preserved. Dry the flowers, press blooms in the book, place them in the shadow box. You can also have a professional preserve it for you.

Are there any wedding bouquet alternatives?

You can hold a single bloom, go down the aisle with your dog on a leash, have a bouquet made of paper flowers, wear floral statement necklace or dramatic headpiece.

What are your thoughts on wedding bouquet etiquette?

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