Renting will save you money. If you’re on a budget, it will allow you to include wedding decor you couldn’t afford to purchase. It will also make your wedding more environmentally friendly. Here’s a list of wedding decor items you should rent for your big day.

Wedding Decor Items You Should Rent

Napkins, linens and table runners

Linens are expensive to buy and also time-consuming to clean. Renting linens is the best way to go. You won’t have to steam or iron them before the wedding. After the wedding, no cleaning is required, just return them to the vendor.

Vases and candle holders

Sourcing votive holders, vases and candlesticks may seem like a good idea, but this means you’ll have dozens of metal and glass items after the wedding. Cleaning the wax-covered candle holders will be very time-consuming. Same thing goes for vases for your flowers. Many florists allow to rent vases from them and they handle setup and cleanup.

China and chargers

It’s tempting to order china for your wedding day, but you won’t need that much plates in your future. Rent a pattern that goes with your wedding decor. Want the looks, but don’t have the money to rent expensive plates? Splurge on a fancy charger. It will upgrade even a plain white plate.


To keep the costs low, use the venue’s furniture. You can use the same chairs both for wedding ceremony and the reception. For lounge furniture, choose sofas, couches and other seating that will fit several guests. Be sure to include coffee tables.

Seating assignment decor

Rent a chalkboard or a large mirror and write table numbers and guests names.


Your venue will have all the standard glassware for your drinks. If you want you to upgrade the look with unique and stylish glasses, choose to rent. It may be tempting to buy glassware in Ikea, but rentals are cheaper – flutes are only a couple of cents each. Be sure to rent more glasses than the guest count. Some guests will put their drink to get another one. Some glasses will be knocked over.

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