Wedding dress price is based on several factors. Fabric, embellishments and alterations will raise the price. Here’s everything that goes into the wedding dress cost.

Wedding Dress Cost


Some of the expensive fabrics that can raise the price of your wedding dress are lace, tulle, charmeuse and silk. If you want to save money, consider polyester. There are polyester fabrics that feel even better than silk. They also have production quality that is consistent – no irregularities or bumps in the fabric.


Embellishments that will raise the price of your wedding dress are lace, appliques and beading. The more intricate the fabric and construction (ball gown, corset), the higher the cost of the dress. Want to save money, but still have the glam look? Choose a simple dress and ask your seamstress to add embellishments. You can also add the ‘wow’ factor with shoulder necklace or dangling earrings.


Designer dress (Vera Wang, Pnina Tornai, Oscar De La Renta) will cost you more. Save money by purchasing your dress via online retailers – they offer trendy and stylish dresses for the fraction of the cost.


Wedding look isn’t all about the dress – accessories also play a huge part. Be sure to have budget for things like shoes, jewelry, veil and lingerie. If you choose an elaborate gown, your accessories should be lowkey. If you want a simple dress, glam it up with bold necklace or a belt.


You will save money if you buy last season’s style dress. Also, shopping in the summer or winter will help you snag some deals. Some boutiques, designers and retailers have sales to clear out dresses from previous collections. Attend a sample sale or order the dress at a trunk show.


Whether your dress is of the rack or made to order, you will need some alterations. Prices vary from $75 to $250. If you want to make big changes (changing back, changing neckline, adding sleeves, adding a bustle), the price for alterations will be up to $500.


Whether you’re looking to resell, donate or alter and wear again, you’ll have to get the wedding dress professionally cleaned after your big day. Wedding dress preservation cost from $250 to $750, so it’s a significant expense.

Save money

With sample sales, online boutiques and option to rent the wedding dress, there are many ways for brides to save money. You can also shop bridesmaid, reception and event collections.

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