Wedding Parade Etiquette

What is a wedding parade? How long should it last? Who should be a part of it? Here’s everything you should know about wedding parade etiquette.

Wedding Parade Etiquette

What is a wedding parade?

Wedding parade is also known as a second line. It’s a celebration for the newlywed couple. Main line includes the newlyweds, brass band and grand marshal. Second line includes the wedding party and passerby.

When should it take place?

Wedding parade can be done after the ceremony or at the end of the wedding reception. If it’s done after the wedding ceremony, it’s a great way to move guests between venues. If it’s done after the wedding reception, it can be an unparalleled send-off for the newlywed couple.

How long should it last?

Wedding parade should last 20-30 minutes.

Who should be a part of the wedding parade?

Wedding party, band members, grand marshal, guests and newlyweds. Be sure to have a pedicab available, for older guests.

Will strangers join?

Couples are usually worried about strangers joining in, but that’s in the spirit of this tradition. When it comes to wedding parades, the more the merrier.

What if it starts raining?

If it’s a storm, skip the parade. If it’s a light rain, you can still go forth, just provide head coverings and umbrellas for the guests.

What music should we play?

There are traditional wedding parade songs that the band usually plays, but they may also play covers of songs that are important to the newlywed couple.

How much will it cost?

Band will cost from $600 – $1000. Police escort and permit are around $500.

How long will it take to get a permit?

Contact the city to figure out the laws and details of the permit. Some cities require you to hire a police escort. Don’t wait until the last minute – it takes around 30-90 days for approval.

Should we provide parade favors?

If it fits your budget, absolutely. Usually, the couple carry parasols, while the guests and wedding party follow with handkerchiefs. Tambourines, beads, masks and other accessories are also some of the options.

What are your thoughts on wedding parade etiquette?

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