The Best Wedding Suit Colors for the Groom

Take your wedding day look to the next level. Think beyond a basic black suit – there are plenty acceptable colors to choose from. Here are the best wedding suit colors for the groom.

The Best Wedding Suit Colors for the Groom

Location, venue and wedding colors

When deciding on a suit, consider the visual aesthetic and the location of the venue (rose garden, ballroom, beach…). Also, consider the time of the year and overall style of the wedding. You don’t want to show to a beach wedding wearing a red velvet jacket or to a ballroom in a seersucker suit. If you are not sure of the formality of the wedding, ask the wedding planner.

Gray and blue

For a casual wedding, pair either of these two colors with designer shoes or a nice loafer. For a spring or summer wedding, go for the ink-blue or heathered-grey suit.

Mustard and burgundy

Royal colors (wine, burgundy, plum) and spice colors (cinnamon, mustard, sage) are the perfect choice for a fall or winter wedding. Suede and velvet textures are great for a winter wedding – they will make you stylish and keep you warm. Patterned suits are also an option worth of consideration.

Khaki and pink

Emerald, fuschia and pink are a great choice for spring or summer wedding. Pink suite is also a great choice for a garden wedding. If the pink suite is too bold for you, play it safe with a khaki or tan suit and pink tie or socks.

Outfit change

You can wear more than one color on your wedding day. Changing a jacket or a tie is a stylish way to change the wedding day look. Start the wedding day with a black-tie classic. After the wedding ceremony (and before hitting the dance floor), slip into a velvet dinner jacket.

What are your thoughts on these wedding suit colors for the groom?

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