Different veil lengths can completely change the wedding look. Wedding veils range from 4 to 120 inches and many brides are overwhelmed with the number of options. Here’s the ultimate guide to wedding veil styles.

Wedding Veil Styles

Birdcage (4-9 inches)

Birdcage veil (bandeau veil) is a short veil that covers the top part of your face. This veil originated in the 1940s. During this time the veils were made shorter, because of the fabric shortage during the WWII.

Shoulder length (20-22 inches)

This veil falls just below the shoulders. It’s one of the most popular veil types. Shoulder length veil is perfect for strapless or spaghetti strap dress and also for brides who want a traditional looking wedding veil.

Blusher (30 inches)

Blusher veil (wedge veil, angle veil) is a short veil that goes over your face and ends near the top of the wedding dress. During the wedding ceremony, the veil is pulled back to reveal the bride’s face.

Elbow length (32 inches)

This veil falls over the shoulders to your elbows. It can be a single tier veil or it can have multiple layers with a blusher. It’s a great way to cover up, without wearing a shrug or a bolero. This veil goes with more conservative look.

Fingertip (38-40 inches)

This veil falls beyond the bride’s hips. It’s a very popular choice because it looks beautiful on any body type and coordinates perfectly with most wedding dress styles.

Knee length (48 inches)

This veil should fall between the knee and mid-calf, depending on your height. It will add the drama and elegance to your wedding look.

Waltz (60 inches)

Waltz veil (ballet veil) falls to the mid-calf. This veil is a perfect option for brides who want to wear long veil for the wedding reception, but also want the freedom to move throughout the evening.

Floor length (72 inches)

This veil just brushes the floor and matches the length of the bride’s wedding dress. It’s a great match for a full length dress that doesn’t have a train. Fabric will add the elegant feel and a little extra volume to the wedding look.

Chapel (90 inches)

Chapel veil (full veil or sweep veil) is perfect for a more formal wedding dress. It should fall between 6-12 inches past the hem or train.

Cathedral (108-120 inches)

Cathedral veil goes beyond the train of the wedding dress. This is a formal veil that goes with a cathedral or semi-cathedral length dress.

What are your thoughts on wedding veil styles?

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