Winter Wedding Flowers

Wondering what flowers will be in season on your wedding day? Here’s the complete guide to types of winter wedding flowers.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas are fragrant and romantic. They come in a variety of colors, which makes them a perfect addition to the wedding bouquet or centerpieces.

Wedding Flowers And Their Meanings - Sweet Peas


Camellias are a symbol of love and devotion. They have layered petals, which adds plenty of texture to wedding bouquets.

Winter Wedding Flowers - Camellias


Carnations are flowers that are gifted to loved ones for decades. They are a symbol of true love, which makes them a great addition to any wedding. Carnations are also very durable flowers. They can last an entire day without water.

Wedding Flowers And Their Meanings - Carnations


Anemones are a symbol of fragility and anticipation. They make a subtle statement, whether included in a wedding bouquet or displayed in a boutonniere.

ng Flowers And Their Meanings - Anemones


Ranunculus is a popular wedding bloom. Thanks to its intricate shape, it adds instant texture to bouquets and centerpieces. Ranunculus is also great for boutonnieres, because it looks great against tuxedos and black suits.

Wedding Flowers And Their Meanings - Ranunculus


Roses are the most popular winter wedding flowers. They symbolize love and romance. They come in a variety of colors, which makes them the perfect match for almost any wedding theme.

Wedding Flowers And Their Meanings - Garden Roses


Hellebores are a great choice for boho or eclectic weddings. They will give romantic look to wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Roses and anemones go well with hellebores.

Winter Wedding Flowers - Hellebores


Poinsettias are a great option for couples that are tying the knot in December. They look great as altar flowers, since their blooms are very large.

Winter Wedding Flowers - Poinsettias


Gardenias are a symbol of beauty, hope and love. They are often used as a boutonniere or to add texture to the wedding bouquet. Gardenias are the perfect flower for a formal wedding.

Wedding Flowers And Their Meanings - Gardenias


Tulips are a symbol of true romance, love and good wishes. They are one of the most popular flowers for wedding bouquets. Tulips are better used as statement blooms as opposed to filler flowers.

Wedding Flowers And Their Meanings - Tulips

What are your thoughts on winter wedding flowers?

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