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  • 8 Baby Shower Trends For 2020

    8 Baby Shower Trends For 2020

    Organizing a baby shower is a big event for everyone. Throwing a party to celebrate the little bundle of joy is a must! Here are some 2020 baby shower trends that are worth considering. Open the gifts after the baby shower Some of your baby shower guests may not be pleased with this idea – […]

  • How Long Should A Baby Shower Last?

    How Long Should A Baby Shower Last

    How long should a baby shower last? What’s the right amount of time for it? There are a couple of things you should consider in order to create a great baby shower that all guests will enjoy. Duration of the average baby shower is around 2-3 hours. There should be plenty of time for guests […]

  • The Best Time To Have A Baby Shower

    The Best Time To Have A Baby Shower

    Most new mothers will throw at least one baby shower to celebrate their first pregnancy. It’s not uncommon for mothers to have a baby shower for their second, and every other pregnancy as well. The one question bothering them all is when they should have their baby shower? Which time is best? What’s the typical […]

  • Baby’s First ABC Book – Baby Shower Activity

    Baby's First ABC Book - Baby Shower Activity

    Looking for a fun baby shower game that will create lasting memories? Make the baby’s first ABC book! It’s a perfect ice-breaker, but it’s also a low-pressure activity. Your guests can take their time throughout the shower to color the pages. Baby’s first ABC book is a great activity that will include all ages – […]

  • Baby Shower Etiquette

    Baby Shower Etiquette

    Wondering about the baby shower etiquette? What’s proper (and what’s not) when it comes to baby showers? Who should host? This simple guide will answer your questions! Who should host the baby shower? Definitely not you! The idea of a baby shower is that your family and friends ‘shower’ you with gifts. If you worry […]