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  • What Suit Color Should The Groom Wear

    What Suit Color Should The Groom Wear

    What suit color should the groom wear? There are a lot of different wedding suit colors to choose from – light pink, bright blue, olive green, vibrant violet. Colorful suit is a great way to add a bit of personality to your wedding look. It will help you stand out in the wedding photos. It […]

  • Wedding Ushers Duties

    Wedding Ushers Duties

    What are the ushers responsibilities? Should they greet the guests? Should they hand out wedding programs? Here’s everything you need to know about the wedding ushers duties. How many ushers should you have? Larger and more formal weddings require more ushers. A rule of thumb is to have one usher per 50 wedding guests. How […]

  • The Best Wedding Suit Colors For The Groom

    The Best Wedding Suit Colors For The Groom

    Take your wedding day look to the next level. Think beyond a basic black suit – there are plenty acceptable colors to choose from. Here are the best wedding suit colors for the groom. Location, venue and wedding colors When deciding on a suit, consider the visual aesthetic and the location of the venue (rose […]

  • 8 Ways To Serve Hot Cocoa At A Winter Wedding

    8 Ways To Serve Hot Cocoa At A Winter Wedding

    What’s a wintertime party without hot cocoa? This warm drink is a must for any event at this time of the year – winter wedding should be no exception. Hot cocoa won’t blow your food and drink budget. It’s a great idea to serve it before the wedding ceremony (to warm the guests up), during […]

  • 10 Things Guests Love At Winter Weddings

    10 Things Guests Love At Winter Weddings

    There is nothing like a snow-covered cozy winter wedding. If you are planning a wintertime ceremony, there are a couple of extra things you might want to add to the planning list. Here’s a list of 10 things guests love at winter weddings. Outdoor fire pit If the venue allows it, outdoor fire pit is […]

  • Bridesmaid Emergency Kit

    Bridesmaid Emergency Kit

    Bridesmaid emergency kit will keep the day running smoothly, so as a bridesmaid, you should grab a bag and fill it with all the essentials. Necessities Timeline: Maid of honor probably sent you the wedding timeline or itinerary. Print them, to know where to be (and also when to be there). Invitation: Keep the invitation […]

  • Wedding Decor Items You Should Rent

    Wedding Decor Items You Should Rent

    Renting will save you money. If you’re on a budget, it will allow you to include wedding decor you couldn’t afford to purchase. It will also make your wedding more environmentally friendly. Here’s a list of wedding decor items you should rent for your big day. Napkins, linens and table runners Linens are expensive to […]

  • Wedding Tuxedo Price

    Wedding Tuxedo Price

    Wedding tuxedo price will be dictated by the fabric, color, cut, accessories, designer and alterations. The biggest decision is: should you buy or rent the wedding tux? Price Tuxedo prices vary just as much as wedding dress prices. The biggest factor is the decision whether to buy or rent. Tuxedo rentals cost about $200. Buying […]

  • Wedding Dress Price

    Wedding Dress Price

    Wedding dress price is based on several factors. Fabric, embellishments and alterations will raise the price. Here’s everything that goes into the wedding dress cost. Fabric Some of the expensive fabrics that can raise the price of your wedding dress are lace, tulle, charmeuse and silk. If you want to save money, consider polyester. There […]

  • Should You Rent The Wedding Dress

    Should You Rent The Wedding Dress

    Should you rent the wedding dress? Wedding dresses are not cheap – they usually cost around $2000-$5000. If you’d rather save money for the honeymoon, renting is a very popular alternative. It allows you to wear an expensive wedding dress and save money. Price Depending on the rental company, you can save thousands of dollars […]