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  • Groom’s Cake Etiquette

    Groom's Cake Etiquette

    What is the groom’s cake? Should we have it at our wedding? When should we cut it? What about serving? Here’s the groom’s cake etiquette. What is the groom’s cake? Groom’s cake is a cake that is entirely influenced by the groom. It represents his tastes, interests and hobbies. It is usually served at rehearsal […]

  • How To Make Your Own Wedding Desserts

    How To Make Your Own Wedding Desserts

    If you’re planning an elopement or intimate wedding, large cake may not be the right fit. While the baker can make adjustments to the cake size, it makes more sense to make the sweets for the celebration. Here’s how to make your own wedding desserts. Ingredients Write down everything you are planning to make – […]

  • 35 Questions To Ask Your Cake Baker

    35 Questions To Ask Your Cake Baker

    The best part of the wedding planning is choosing the wedding cake. Fondant, buttercream or ganache? Fresh blooms or flowers made of sugar? The choices are endless, so it’s very important to find the baker who will understand your ideas and vision. Here a list of 35 questions to ask your cake baker. Background check […]

  • Wedding Cake Etiquette

    Wedding Cake Etiquette

    Wondering what is the best way to cut the wedding cake? Can you choose more that one flavor? What is the groom’s cake? Here’s the wedding cake etiquette. Can I have more than one flavor? Yes. Bakers are making tiers that feature different filling and cake combinations – to satisfy both the couple and their […]