Tips for Planning the Office Bridal Shower

Your office bestie got engaged and you’re thinking about the rules for throwing the office shower. Can it be held in the conference room? Should all colleagues be invited? How long should it last? What about games? Here are some tips for planning the office bridal shower.

Tips for Planning the Office Bridal Shower

Guest list

You can make the co-ed shower and invite all colleagues. You can also make the girls only party – but make sure to invite all women from office. If it’s a large company, you can narrow down the guest list to your immediate colleagues or team. If you share a cubicle walls with someone or if you work with someone regularly – they have to be invited.


Don’t do all by yourself – ask a couple of coworkers to help with planning. You can throw a full-blown office shower (food, drinks and games) or a simple version with a quick cake-break. Pick some decorations to dress up the meeting room and don’t forget to send out the office-wide invitations!


If you’re planning a longer event, pick games like Advice for the bride, Don’t say bride, Bridal scattergories, I love you around the world or Wedding A-Z. Skip games that focus on the couple – there’s a good chance that many coworkers haven’t met the groom-to-be.


Cost is very important factor to keep in mind. Ask the supervisor if the company has enough budget to finance the shower. If not, persons who are throwing the shower should split the cost between them.


Gifts for the office shower can be tricky – especially if some of the colleagues will attend the wedding and others won’t. Everyone can purchase a separate gift, but it’s a better idea for all colleagues to chip in for one bigger item. Don’t forget to have everyone sign the card!

Keep the showers going

If the office hosted a bridal shower in the past, make sure to host it for all other soon-to-be-newlyweds!

Do you have some tips for planning the office bridal shower?

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