How to Plan a Lingerie Shower

Lingerie shower is a bridal party where guests bring sexy underwear and sleepwear as gifts. It’s the most fun pre-wedding party, but it still requires some planning, so that everything can run smoothly and to avoid awkward moments. Here are the instructions on how to plan a lingerie shower.

How to Plan a Lingerie Shower


Maid of honor should host the lingerie shower. If she can’t do it, some other close friend should take the task. It should be someone who can break the ice, make the guests comfortable and most importantly – someone who knows how to throw a great party.


Decide if the lingerie shower will be a separate gathering or will it be combined with the bachelorette party. Also consider the time of the day – will it be a brunch or evening affair with finger food and cocktails?

Guest list

Guest list should include closest friends of the bride-to-be. Check with her before you invite any siblings or future in-laws – it can be awkward to open sexy gifts in front of the mother or grandmother.


Avoid crowded bars or restaurants. You shouldn’t have a lingerie shower at a public place, because bride-to-be may open gifts with sex toys. If you’re hosting the lingerie shower during the bachelorette night, make it a house party.

Bride’s sizes and preferences

At least a month before the lingerie shower, host should provide guests with the bride’s sizes. In case the bride-to-be doesn’t want a registry, ask her about her preferences and communicate that to the guests. If there’s a large guest list, ask for other gifts besides lingerie: bath and body products, candles and other romantic accessories.


You should send the invitations one month before the lingerie shower. Make sure you include all important details: bride’s preferences, lingerie size, registry and shower theme. If it’s a separate event from the bachelorette party, also include the RSVP date.


One of the most common games is having the bride-to-be guess who gave her which gift. You can also ask the guests to write down their best bedroom advice.


Decorate the place with a balloon garland or a fun banner. You can keep it classy or go wild – depends on the bride’s preferences and personality. Make a fun and kinky playlist to play while the bride-to-be is opening her gifts.

Food and drink

Alcohol is a must at a lingerie shower. Serve champagne or cocktails, but also don’t forget about food. Serve finger food: chips and dips, veggie trays, fruit trays and mini quiches.

Party favors

Party favors aren’t necessary, but it’s a nice thing to surprise the guests with a gift bag. Give mini bottles of champagne, chocolates or a pair of panties to thank the guests for coming. Don’t forget to add a cute favor tag!

What are your thoughts on how to plan a lingerie shower?

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