How to Plan a Virtual Bridal Shower

Because of the social distancing, many brides had to cancel their showers. A virtual shower is not the same as the one held in person, but it is still possible to make the bride-to-be feel special. Wondering when to send the invitations and should you play games? Here’s how to plan a virtual bridal shower.

How to Plan a Virtual Bridal Shower


You can send electronic or formal invitations. Be sure to include: date and time, link for the virtual meeting, explanation of the virtual shower (how it works), RSVP and registry info. You can also add a dress code. Ask the guests to wear the bride’s favorite color or the cocktail attire. This will set the tone for the virtual party and create more festive atmosphere.


You can’t be at the same room – but you can fake it. Make a pretty backdrop (banner, garland or balloons), take a photo of it, email the photo to everyone. Each guest can upload the photo as their virtual backdrop.


Transform your favorite traditional bridal activities into virtual games! It will take a little planning and creativity, but it’s definitely possible to enjoy games during the virtual shower! Some of the most popular games are: Who knows the bride best, He said she said, What’s on your phone, Favorite memory of the bride, Bridal bingo. Be sure to have prizes for the winners – a digital gift card that can easily be emailed or a physical item that will be mailed after the shower.

Food and drink

You can’t clink the glasses in person, but you can send your guests a recipe for the signature cocktail and ask them to prepare it for the shower. You can also have the champagne or wine delivered to the guests before to the virtual shower (if you have alcohol delivery service in your area). The same thing can be done with food delivery. If all guests live in the same location, check what local bakeries are offering.


If the bride-to-be has a registry, it’s easy for the guests to order gifts online and send them to the bride’s home before the shower. Guests can then watch the bride open the gifts virtually. Just make sure to specify this on the invitation.


A thank you email or a card is appropriate for the virtual event like this, but if you want to send everyone a favor, buy some small items that can be easily mailed: hair ties, mini chocolate boxes, mini soaps, mini bath bombs. Don’t forget to add a cute favor tag!

What are your thoughts on how to plan a virtual bridal shower?

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