Engagement Party Etiquette

Engagement party is a great way to share the big news with friends and family members. Wondering who should be invited and when to send the invitations? Here’s everything you need to know about the engagement party etiquette.

Engagement Party Etiquette

Who should throw the engagement party?

These days, anyone can throw the engagement party. Some couples choose to throw their own celebration. Parents of the bride-to be are the ones who should traditionally host the engagement party.

When to throw the engagement party?

You should throw the engagement party right after the engagement. There will be other pre-wedding festivities. It’s a good idea to spread them out.

Who should be invited?

Anyone who is invited to the engagement party should also be invited to the wedding. This is particularly the case if the parents are hosting the engagement party.

Should you send the formal invitations?

It depends on the type of the engagement party. If you’re hosting a seated dinner, paper invitations are the best option. If it’s going to be a casual event, you should send the e-vite.

Should you include the registry on the invitation?

When it comes to engagement parties, giving gifts is not mandatory. It’s not appropriate to have the registry on the invitation.

Can I have more than one engagement party?

Having more than one engagement party is actually quite common. This is particularly the case if the bride and groom-to-be are from different places.

Can you combine the engagement party with a birthday or a holiday?

You can combine the engagement party with some other celebration. Be sure to avoid the holidays. People will want to spend the holidays with their families.

When should the parents meet?

Parents first meeting shouldn’t be at the engagement party. Their first meeting should be before that, so they could talk and really get to know each other.

What are your thoughts on engagement party etiquette?

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