Summer Wedding Flowers

Wondering what flowers will be in season on your wedding day? Here’s the complete guide to types of summer wedding flowers.


Clematis is a climbing vine. It symbolizes wisdom and inspiration. This flower will provide beautiful texture in centerpieces and bouquets. It can be found in various shades of pink, purple, red, blue and white.

Wedding Flowers And Their Meanings - Clematis


Cosmos is one of the most popular wedding flowers. This flower will stay fresh for long hours at a time. Due to its dainty nature, it is best used as an complement flower in wedding arrangements.

Summer Wedding Flowers - Cosmos


Delphinium (also known as Larkspur) comes in a variety of colors. It has a long stem covered with tiny blossoms, which makes it the perfect accent flower for centerpieces. In wedding bouquets, delphiniums are an ideal filler flower.

Summer Wedding Flowers - Delphinium


Foxglove flowers have tall stems with bell shaped blooms. These flowers come in a variety of colors – blush, cream, peach, nude and burgundy. Foxglove is a beautiful addition to any wedding bouquet.

Summer Wedding Flowers - Foxglove


Hydrangeas are a great option for almost any wedding style – romantic, formal, modern, whimsical or even rustic. Whether used in arrangements, bouquets or even on the cake, hydrangeas will create an elegant and beautiful accent.

Wedding Flowers And Their Meanings - Hydrangeas


Coral pink, orange and white poppies are a popular choice for late spring and summer weddings. These flowers will add a splash of color to wedding bouquets and centerpieces.

Summer Wedding Flowers - Poppies


Scabiosa symbolizes pure love and peace. It’s perfect for country style weddings. This flower comes in various pastel shades – from creamy whites to pale lilacs, soft blues and soft pinks.

Summer Wedding Flowers - Scabiosa


These summer wedding flowers symbolize adoration and loyalty. They work best for the outdoor, country or a rustic wedding theme. Sunflower bouquet will add a cheerful burst of color to the wedding day.

Summer Wedding Flowers - Sunflowers


These delicate white flowers are a beautiful addition to any wedding bouquet or table centerpiece. They can act great as fillers or line flowers, adding height to any arrangement.

Summer Wedding Flowers - Campanulas


Zinnias symbolize thoughtfulness and endurance. They are often used to complement more expensive, larger flowers. Zinnias are the best flowers for wildflower arrangements.

Summer Wedding Flowers - Zinnias

What are your thoughts on summer wedding flowers?

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