Baby Sprinkle Planning Guide

Pregnant again? You’ve had a baby shower for your first baby, but you still want to celebrate the new bundle of joy? Baby sprinkle is a great way to welcome the baby number 2 (or number 3, number 4…). Baby sprinkle is a low-key gathering, less formal than the baby shower. Gifts aren’t the focus and the atmosphere is laid-back. Here’s a guide for planning the perfect baby sprinkle.

Baby Sprinkle Planning Guide


Baby sprinkle should be at least two months before the due date.


Baby sprinkle is shorter than the traditional baby shower. It usually lasts for about 2 hours. You can also make the ‘open house’ baby sprinkle, so your guests can come and go at any time they want.

Guest list

Baby sprinkle has more casual and intimate tone. It’s about support and baby advice – not the games and extravagant gifts. This means you should invite just the closest friends and family. You can also make it co-ed and invite the dad-to-be or other male friends and relatives.


No need to be formal here. You can mail the traditional invitations or you can send the online invitations. Make sure you include all the important details: date, time, location and RSVP date. You should also mention that babies and kids are invited. Baby sprinkle etiquette says that you shouldn’t put the registry details on the invite (but have it handy if some of your guests ask).


There’s no need for fancy invitations, lavish decorations and expensive gift bags for guests. Keep it low-key, just some simple decorations (and a lot of sprinkles). If you’re hosting a baby sprinkle at a restaurant, be sure there’s a sign to direct guests. If you’re hosting it at home, tie a ribbon or a balloon to a mailbox or a porch.


Keep the menu light. Skip the caterer and serve light food, so the guests can mingle while they eat. For example: veggies and dips, mini cupcakes, cheese cubes and crackers, brownies, rice krispie treats… Be sure to have a kid-friendly option on the menu.


Since this isn’t your first baby, you probably have most of the big items. You’ll need just the basic ones: diapers, wipes, diaper cream, onesies, bathroom essentials…


Keep the activities low-key. You can make the ABC book for the baby. Or decorate a onesie or bib with stencils and fabric paint. If it’s a girl, you can make a headband. You can also make a time capsule to be opened when baby turns 18. Make sure to have a game or craft for kids to play.


Say thank you to your guests with a small gift: candle, body scrub, hair tie, box of candies or chocolates… Be sure to add a cute favor tag!

Do you have any tips on baby sprinkle planning?

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