How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

Because of the social distancing, baby shower planning requires some creativity. Virtual shower is not the same as the one held in person, but you can still have fun without risking anyone’s health. Wondering when to send the invitations and should you play games? Here’s how to throw a virtual baby shower.

How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

Date and time

Choose a date that will give gifts enough time to arrive (take shipping delays into consideration). If you’ll invite guests that live in different time zones, pick a time that works for most people.


Send electronic or physical invitations. Don’t forget to include instructions for platform you’ll use for the virtual party (Zoom, Google hangouts, Skype… ). You can also set up a group event on Facebook – so all your family members and friends can interact with each other and see the event details.


Choose the platform where you’ll host the online shower, then give it a test run. If you haven’t used Zoom, Google hangouts or Skype before, ask a couple of friends to help you test-drive the virtual hangout. Smooth out the technical glitches (if any).


Set up a baby registry, so the guests can order gifts online and send them to mom-to-be before the shower. You may ask the guests to send the gifts by a certain date – because of the shipping delays.


Put up garland or balloons in the background. Or use a Zoom backdrop. You can also ask the guests to wear the same color or have a fun accessory (for example, heart-shaped sunglasses).

Gift reveal

If guests have sent their gifts, unwrap them during the shower, just like you would do in person. If guests have already bought gifts (before the shift to the virtual shower), ask them to show the gift and tell a few words about why they chose it.

Food and drink

Food (and drink) can be a unifying aspect of the virtual shower. Write a recipe for a baby shower mocktail on the invitations and ask the guests to prepare it for the shower. You can also time the baby shower to a certain meal – so you can all enjoy a long-distance afternoon tea party or a baby brunch.


Guess the due date, How big is mommy’s belly, Name that baby tune and Baby bingo are games that easy to play at a virtual baby shower. You can also have the guests share their best advice for the mom-to-be – just don’t forget to record it.


If you want to send everyone a favor, buy some small items that can be easily mailed: mini chocolate boxes, cupcakes, cookies, hair ties, mini soaps, mini bath bombs. Don’t forget to add a cute favor tag!

What are your thoughts on how to throw a virtual baby shower?

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