What Is a Display Shower

What is a display shower? Should you have it? How to explain it to your guests? Will it be awkward not to open gifts? Here’s everything you should know!

What Is a Display Shower

What exactly is a display shower?

During a traditional baby/bridal shower, a large amount of time is spent on the gift opening. At a display shower, guests are asked to bring the gifts unwrapped, with only a ribbon or a bow attached. A name tag should also be attached, to show who the gift came from. Gifts are then set out on display.

How to explain it?

Long explanation usually isn’t necessary. When sending out the invitations, just include the insert card explaining that guests should bring their gifts unwrapped. At the shower, designate one person to place name tags on gifts. You can also ask guests to bring gifts with name tags on them.

Will it be awkward?

Display shower may not be the best choice for everyone. It can create awkward situations – some gifts may be highly personal and it would be better if they could be opened in private. For example, if the gift is honeymoon lingerie, it’s probably not the best idea for the mother-in-law to see it.

Should you still thank the guests?

Yes. Having a display shower doesn’t mean you shouldn’t acknowledge gifts. Mom/bride-to-be should stand up and acknowledge each gift individually. It should be a quick rundown of who gave what.

When is a display shower a good idea?

  • If there’s a large number of guests at the shower. It allows more time for everyone to talk and mingle, rather than spending majority of time watching the mom/bride-to-be unwraps the gifts.
  • If the mom/bride-to-be is shy and doesn’t want the guests to look at her while she’s opening the gifts.
  • If the mom/bride-to-be is eco-friendly. The gifts aren’t wrapped, so there’s no paper wasted. Also, the clean up is minimal.

When a display shower isn’t a good idea?

  • If the mom/bride-to-be is private and would prefer not to have everyone see the gifts.
  • If there’s only a small number of guests – it would be fun for everyone to see the gifts and unwrapping wouldn’t take long.
  • Is the mom/bride-to-be a traditional person? If so, she might want to stick to the gift opening tradition.
  • If the shower is hosted at a small home or venue, there may not be enough space to set up the tables where guests can put their gifts on display.

What kind of gifts should you bring to a display shower?

You might want to stay away from overly personal gifts, since they will be put on display for everyone to see. The best idea is to stick to the registry.

Anything else to consider?

Consider how the mom/bride-to-be will take the gifts home, since there are no gift bags. Make sure to have some bags or boxes that can be used for gift transportation.

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