How to Organize the Office Baby Shower

Office shower should be fun, simple, tasteful – and also sensitive to colleagues’ schedules. Here are some tips on how to organize the office baby shower.

How to Organize the Office Baby Shower

Preliminary steps

Before you plan anything, you have to get management approval for hosting baby shower at the office – even if it’s after work hours or during everybody’s break time. Office parties tend to disrupt the workflow, so it’s very important to have the consent from your boss. After you’ve been given the green light, ask a couple of co-workers to help. For example, one person can be in charge of organizing food and drink, while the other one can spread the word about the shower to other colleagues.


Schedule the baby shower during lunchtime – when it is easiest for everyone to take a break. Event should last less than an hour (or whatever time the manager approves). If you work in a large company, limit the guest list to the department where the mom-to-be works and close friends from other departments of the company. If you work in a small company, it’s polite to invite everyone who will be at the work that day.


Guests can purchase individual gifts or they can chip in for one bigger item. Choosing the appropriate gift can be difficult for some of the colleagues. Make sure to direct them to the baby shower registry or give them a suggestion for some stores that mom-to-be loves (and she would also love a gift certificate).

Food and drink

You can ask everyone to bring an appetizer (or some other small dish) or you can collect money to purchase crowd-pleasing food. Be sure to check what mom-to-be likes to eat as well as any food allergies or dietary restrictions. If the finances are low, limit the food to cake (or some other baked goods). Don’t forget to let everyone know that it’s a dessert-only party. Alcohol is inappropriate for the office, so serve non-alcoholic punch. If you plan to celebrate at a restaurant, make reservations at least 2 weeks in advance.


You probably won’t have enough time, but if you want to play a game, make sure it is simple. Also, the game should be less personal than a game you would play in a social setting – that way everyone can be involved, even the colleagues who don’t know mom-to-be very well. Pick games like Advice for the mommy-to-be, Guess the due date, Baby scattergories, Baby around the world or Baby ABC.


Keep the decorations simple – you don’t want to spend much time on setup and cleaning. A bunch of balloons and a banner will be enough to set the party mood.

Do you have some tips on how to organize the office baby shower?

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