How to Plan a Co-ed Baby Shower

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the upcoming bundle of joy. Traditional baby showers are only for the mom-to-be, but including the dad-to-be in the celebration can be fun. It will create great memories for the future parents. Here’s how to plan a co-ed baby shower!

How to Plan a Co-ed Baby Shower

Ask the parents-to-be

First of all, make sure that mom-to-be likes the idea of co-ed baby shower. Then, check if the dad-to-be wants to attend and ask him for his input in both party planning and recruiting his family and friends.


This day is intended to honor the mom and dad, so pick a theme with both of them in mind. Theme should be appealing to both genders. Decor should be kept to minimum.


Consult both mom and dad when creating the guest list. The invitation should be gender neutral. Include both parents as the guests of honor on the invitation. Don’t forget to include the essential info: date, time, place, RSVP and registry.


Serve more than finger food – tea sandwiches and crackers aren’t going to be enough for this type of party. Instead, go with pizza, barbecue (the guys love to gather around the grill), wings, tacos or burgers. Make sure you have more than enough food – guys have a big appetite and they expect to be well fed!


This is another thing where you should consult the parents-to-be. Male guests won’t be thrilled with classic baby shower games, like ‘Guess the baby food’ or ‘Onesie decoration’. It’s perfectly fine not to have any games at the co-ed baby shower.


Encourage guests to bring gifts for both mom and dad. Be sure to include the registry info on the invitation. You can also ask the guests to bring a book instead of a card to help build baby’s library. Make sure that both parents are included in the gift opening!


Thank your guests for coming with a small gift. Since it’s a co-ed shower, favors should be gender neutral. Candy bars, brownies, chocolates or cookies are always a good option. Don’t forget to add favor tags!

Do you have some advice on how to plan a co-ed baby shower?

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