Tea party is one of the most popular bridal shower themes. It’s great to have a room full of guests sipping tea from elegant china and enjoying scones and sandwiches. Here are the instructions on how to plan a tea party bridal shower.

How To Plan A Tea Party Bridal Shower


Decide who will be in charge – just you or a group of close friends or relatives. You can also hire a professional event planner.

Guest list

You should work with the bride-to-be to create the guest list. This is a less formal event than engagement party or wedding, so only the bride’s closest friends and family should be invited. If the family of the groom-to-be is throwing the bridal shower, his close family members should be invited as well. Don’t invite guests who aren’t invited to the wedding.

Venue and date

This is the time to decide where the bridal shower will be held. In a dining room of the hotel or in someone’s backyard? After you’ve selected the location, choose a date based on the availability of the venue.


Both printed and electronic invitations are acceptable. Invitations should set the mood for the bridal shower – be sure to add a ‘tea party’ somewhere on the invitation, so the guests know what to expect.


Tea party should, of course, include tea. Buy a variety of teas, but don’t forget milk, honey and cream. Champagne can also be served at tea parties. It can also be fun to have a special cocktail.


During tea party, tea sandwiches are a must. You should serve a variety of sandwiches: prosciutto and fig jam, curried deviled eggs, smoked salmon and cream cheese. For sweet items try scones (with cream and jam) and several different types of cake. Tea sandwiches are easy to make – but the bread will go soggy very quickly. Consider preparing all of the ingredients before the shower and make the sandwiches right before they will be served.

Table setting

Tables will be the focus of the shower. Linens will make any table look elegant (if you don’t own any linens, you can rent them). Buy or borrow tiers and cake stands to display the food artistically. Tea sets should be the centerpiece of the tables, but you can also decorate with confetti, flowers, garlands and many more. Don’t forget to write place cards, so the guests know where to sit during the party.

Table service

Don’t forget to organize who will be serving food and tea. It’s a big job at a tea party, because it involves having boiling water ready at all times. You should dedicate one person to serve food and other one to deal with boiling water for teas. These can be your friends or the people you hire.

What are your thoughts on how to plan a tea party bridal shower?

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