Who Should Plan the Bridal Shower

When it comes to pre-wedding events, it may not be clear who should be in charge of planning. Families of the couple usually throw the engagment party. Friends throw the bachelor and bachelorette party. So, who should plan the bridal shower?

Who Should Plan the Bridal Shower


The first person you should ask for help is your mom. You can also ask the mother of the groom. Each of them will want to plan the bridal shower and they may even want to do it together. If you don’t think this is something they will be able to do, you can make them the ‘co-planners’ with your friends, family members or someone else who might be interested.


You can ask a group of family members to plan your shower. They can all chip in to throw you the bridal shower as the wedding gift. If they don’t know you well, give them some ideas and suggestions of what you want.

Bridal party

You may not want to burden your girlfriends with one more expense, but if you have no one else in your life who wish to throw you the shower, you should ask the bridesmaids to take the job. Suggest some non-expensive ideas, so they don’t have to spend more money that they can.


Planning a bridal shower may not seem like something you want to do for yourself, but if you are eager to take the task, there are no rules that say you can’t!

Anybody who is interested

There are no specific rules on who should be in charge of bridal shower planning, so just see who is interested. Just make sure they follow the bridal shower etiquette.

Any tips on who should plan the bridal shower?

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