Engagement party is a great way to celebrate the upcoming marriage with friends and family members. Wondering about the invitations, guest list and gifts? Here are the instructions on how to plan the engagement party.

How To Plan The Engagement Party


Anyone can host the engagement party – your best friend, your siblings or your partner’s family. You can even throw your own celebration. If the planning is too much for you, you can call the professional planner.


The best time for the engagement party is in the first couple of months of engagement. There will be other pre-wedding celebrations, so it’s a good idea to spread them out.

Guest list

You should make the engagement party an intimate gathering and invite only those who will also be invited to the wedding.


Engagement parties can be small, big, formal, informal – as you like. This gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to the venue. For a low-key option, party can be held at your friends backyard or your parents home. For something more formal, you can gather at your favorite restaurant.


You should finish the registry before the engagement party. Focus on the items with the middle-price. If you don’t want any gifts, add a line on the invitations to notify the guests about this.


Invitations should be sent at least one month before the engagement party. Be sure to include the RSVP date. The type of invitations will depend on the type of the event. Engagement party invitations don’t have to match the rest of the wedding stationery.


If you’ll be serving alcohol, you’ll also want to serve some food. For the cocktail party, serve appetizers and several types of cheese. If it’s a formal event, serve some nice plated meal. If it’s a backyard gathering, barbecue is the best choice.


Decorate the place with candles and floral arrangements. You can keep it simple or go wild – depends on your preferences.


Decide what you’ll wear – choose something that is appropriate for the celebration. You don’t have to wear all white, you can wear some other color. Your partner’s clothes should complement yours.

What are your thoughts on how to plan the engagement party?

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