So, you’ve been asked to be maid (or matron) of honor. First of all, congratulations! This is a big honor! It means that the bride-to-be considers you to be her best friend and someone she wants by her side on her big day!

Maid of honor duties include planning a bridal shower and the bachelorette party, helping the bride with wedding planning, giving a speech at the reception and much more. Don’t worry – we got you covered. Here’s a checklist of all maid of honor duties and responsibilities.

Maid Of Honor Duties Checklist

Before the wedding:

  • Host or co-host the bridal shower and plan the bachelorette party.
  • Lead the bridesmaids (help choose the bridesmaid dresses and accessories, coordinate hair and makeup, coordinate travel accommodations).
  • Attend wedding dress shopping and fittings.
  • Assist the bride with wedding planning and preparation (search for vendors, choose cake flavors, help address envelopes, write out place cards).
  • Attend all pre-wedding events (engagement party, rehearsal dinner, wedding shower).
  • Keep track of gifts received at pre-wedding showers and parties.
  • Provide wedding guests with registry info.
  • Listen, help and provide feedback for the bride.

Maid Of Honor Duties Checklist

On the wedding day:

Before the ceremony:

  • Get dressed with the bride and other bridal party members.
  • Prepare and bring an emergency kit for the bride.
  • Serve as the messenger between the couple.
  • Keep the bride calm.
  • Guide guests, answer any questions about the wedding day, keep things on schedule.
  • Have the contact information from all vendors’ nearby.


  • Arrange the bride’s veil and train when she arrives to the altar.
  • Hold the bride’s bouquet during the vow exchange.
  • Hold the groom’s ring.
  • Sign the marriage licence as a witness along with the best man.


  • Enter the reception with the best man.
  • Bustle the bride’s dress for the reception.
  • Escort the bride to the ladies room (most importantly, assist her with her gown).
  • Make sure the bride eats and drinks!
  • Dance with the best man.
  • Give a toast after the best man.
  • Make sure all of the wedding gifts and cards are safely collected and transported to their final destination.
  • Make sure the bride’s wedding dress is properly stored.

Maid Of Honor Duties Checklist

*Be sure to check Maid Of Honor and Matron Of Honor.