Parents of the Groom Responsibilities

How involved should the groom’s parents be in the wedding planning? Should they plan the rehearsal dinner? Should they pay for the wedding rings? Here’s everything you should know about the parents of the groom responsibilities.

Parents of the Groom Responsibilities

Bride’s ring

Groom and his family should buy the bride’s ring that will be given to her as a part of the wedding ceremony. Even if the couple chooses the ring together, the groom should pay the bill.

Attire for the groom and groomsmen

Whether the groom and groomsmen are renting the suits and tuxedos or buying new ones, groom’s family should cover the expenses.

Rehearsal dinner

Traditionally, parents of the groom should plan, pay and host the rehearsal dinner. They may hire the couple’s wedding planner or organize the event on their own. Invitations should come from the groom’s parents, signifying that they are hosting the rehearsal dinner.

Gifts for groomsmen

Many couples are giving gifts to their wedding party to show their appreciation. Parents of the groom responsibility is to pay for the gifts that groomsmen get.

Wedding flowers

The groom’s family should provide flowers for the wedding ceremony. This includes bride’s wedding bouquet, mini bouquets and corsages for mothers and grandmothers and boutonnieres for groomsmen and ushers.

Marriage license

The groom’s family should cover the cost of marriage license.

Officiant’s fee

Many officiants don’t have a set fee, instead they rely on a donation or a gift. It’s up to the parents of the groom to decide how much they want to give to the officiant or minister. Another cost the family of the groom should take care of is the officiant’s lodging.


Many couples save for their honeymoon together, but traditionally parents of the groom should cover the cost of the honeymoon.

Reception exit

Whether the newlyweds want to leave the wedding reception in a vintage car, an Uber, or the horse-drawn carriage, it’s the groom’s parents responsibility to cover the cost.

What are your thoughts on parents of the groom responsibilities?

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