Wedding veil can enhance your style by complementing the embroidery or beading on the wedding dress. Deciding what veil to wear is a big moment in creating your wedding day look. Here are some things to remember when choosing a wedding veil.

Things To Remember When Choosing A Wedding Veil


Have your budget in mind. What seems to be the piece of tulle can cost more than expected. Some veils even cost more than the wedding dress. Price of the veil can range significantly – that usually depends on the details. The more intricate details, the higher the price. Simple veils cost around $250, while veils with more ornate styles cost $3000 (or even higher). Having price tags in mind will help you narrow down the veil options.


Some veils are made for up-do hairstyle, others are made for wearing the hair down. Long curls versus chignon or a bun will result in very different veil placement. If you are wearing the chignon, you’ll want to pin the veil below the bun – so you can show the up-do. If you are wearing long curls, you’ll want to pin the veil on the crown of your head – this will add some volume. Want to add other accessories (hair pins, clips, combs, flowers…)? Let your stylist know what you have in mind. She can help you choose the right veil style, so your head doesn’t look cluttered.

Try several different veil styles

The veil will help shape your style on the wedding day. It should complement the wedding dress – not overshadow it. Pick several different veils and experiment with different looks – your look can change completely with the addition of the right veil. Don’t be afraid to try something you wouldn’t normally pick. Matching veil isn’t always the best way to complement the dress. Sometimes, mixing textures is a good way to add some originality, for example: clear wedding dress and a lace-trim wedding veil.

What are your thoughts on things to remember when choosing a wedding veil?

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