Week Before Wedding Planning Checklist

There’s only a week left before you say ‘I do’, but the wedding planning isn’t over yet. To help with details you might have overlooked, here’s a week before wedding planning checklist.

Week Before Wedding Planning Checklist

Beauty appointments

Confirm beauty appointments. Get manicure and pedicure. Choose a nail polish shade that you will love looking at in the wedding photo album. Also, get a haircut.

Wedding gown

Pick up a wedding dress. Do a final dress fitting before you take it home – to see if there are any last-minute alterations needed. Also, pick up a tuxedo for the groom.

Wedding shoes

Break in your wedding shoes. Walk around the house. Dance in the kitchen. 


Call guests who haven’t sent you the RSVP’s. You need the final guest count for the caterer and the venue.

Wedding day schedule

Create a wedding day schedule. Schedule the times when things should happen, including the start of the ceremony and the time when you’ll need to finish the wedding reception. Give important contact information to the wedding planner, bridal party and your parents.

Tip envelopes

Put cash tips/final payments in envelopes. Give envelopes to the wedding planner to issue them on your wedding day. You should tip DJs, musicians, drivers, bartenders, servers, makeup artist and hair stylist.

Confirm details

Confirm details (date, time, location) with vendors. Make sure the DJ has the song list, photographer has the shot list, venue knows when each vendor will arrive.

Seating chart

Make a seating chart. Give the final version to wedding planner, venue manager, caterer and reception host and hostess.

Escort cards

If you haven’t purchased escort cards, now it’s time to make them. Ask your craftiest friend or a bridesmaid for some assistance.

Give drivers a schedule

Also provide them with a list of names, phone numbers and addresses for the pickup/drop off.


Pack the bags for the honeymoon. Decide on travel arrangements and trip activities.


Making a toast? Writing your own vows? Prepare the speech.

Emergency kit

Prepare a wedding day emergency kit. The kit should include safety pins, fashion tape, band-aids, a needle with thread and mints.

Wedding night bag

Pack a bag for the wedding night. Ask a friend, family member or a bridesmaid to deliver it to the hotel where you will be staying.

Would you add something to this wedding planning checklist?

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