What should you wear at a Japanese wedding? Should you bring gift? How long does it last? Here’s what to expect at a Japanese wedding.

What To Expect At A Japanese Wedding

What to wear?

Women should wear one-piece kimonos or dresses. It’s bad luck to wear two-piece sets. You shouldn’t wear sleeveless garments. Also, you shouldn’t wear fur and animal leather – it reminds people of life and death. If a couple ask the guests to wear white or some other particular color, guests should follow that request.

Should you bring gift?

In Japan, you should give money as gift – this is called goshugi. You should use new bills. Odd number sums are preferred. Lucky number 8 is the exception of this rule. Usually, guests give $300 for friends (¥30,000), $500 for teachers and bosses (¥30,000 – ¥50,000), $1000 for family members and relatives (¥50,000 – ¥100,000).

How to give goshugi?

You should pack goshugi in a special envelope, than pack the envelope in a special cloth (fukusa). You can wrap the gift in a silk scarf if you don’t have fukusa. When you arrive at the wedding, you should give goshugi to the wedding receptionist – it is usually a relative or a close friend of the couple. Offer congratulations and write your address and name in the guest book.

What gift to avoid giving?

It’s better to give goshugi then a gift – this is the basic wedding etiquette in Japan. If you want to give a gift, talk to the couple before the wedding and ask them what particular item would they prefer.

How long does the ceremony last?

Japanese weddings are very short. Ceremony lasts 20-45 minutes. Reception lasts around 2 hours.

What happens during a Japanese wedding?

During the ceremony, the couple will be wearing traditional kimonos, they will drink sake and be purified. The groom will read the words of commitment. At the end of the ceremony, the couple will give offerings to kami (Shinto deities). After the ceremony, the couple will welcome the guests to the reception party.

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