Trying to make your rehearsal dinner guest list and decide who gets an invitation? Should you invite the bridesmaids’ plus-ones? What about your brother’s new girlfriend? Aunts, uncles, godparents? Making the guest list for this event can be as difficult as deciding who gets an invitation for the wedding! Here’s who should be invited to the rehearsal dinner.

Who Should Be Invited To The Rehearsal Dinner

Close family

The immediate family members of both the bride and the groom should be invited to the rehearsal dinner (parents, grandparents, siblings). Rehearsal dinner is a perfect opportunity for both families to spend little more time together before the wedding day.

Extended family

You don’t have the obligation to invite cousins, uncles and aunts, but if the budget allows, invite them. Some couples are also inviting their godparents.

Bridal party

Traditionally, members of the bridal party should be invited to the rehearsal dinner. Don’t forget to include their significant others or spouses. Everyone in the bridal party should be allowed a plus-one, whether they bring one or not. If you have a ring bearer or a flower girl, they should also be invited. Also, invite their parents.

Guests from out of town

If you have just a few out-of-town guests traveling for the wedding day, it’s a nice gesture to invite them to the rehearsal dinner. But if you’re hosting a destination wedding, or the majority of your guest list is traveling for the big day, you don’t have to invite everyone to the rehearsal dinner. Consider hosting a welcome party (if the budget allows). Plan for desserts and cocktails.


You should invite your officiant and their spouse, since they are an important member of your wedding ceremony. They may not accept, but it’s important to ask.

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