Easy to Forget Wedding Details

When it comes to a wedding, there’s a million things to plan. Wedding planning is a full-time job – there are many details, logistics and vendors to be managed. It’s not hard to overlook a detail or two. Here’s a list of easy to forget wedding details.

Easy to Forget Wedding Details

Bad weather

Have a backup plan, in case of a bad weather. Check if venue has both the outdoor and indoor space to use. If not, organize a tent.


For photographers, sunset is a golden hour. Be sure to know when the sun will set, so your wedding photographer can make some amazing photos.

Bridal party transportation

Bridal party won’t leave the hotel at the same time as the bride and groom. They will also leave the hotel earlier than other guests. Organize a transportation for them.

Point person

At your big day, everybody will have some questions for you. Choose a family member, close friend or a bridesmaid to be your point person and help with inquiries.

Tip envelopes

Put cash in envelopes for your wedding planner to issue. You should tip DJs, musicians, makeup artist, hair stylist, bartenders, drivers and servers. Be sure to label the envelopes.

Event lighting

Lighting really helps to set the mood at a wedding. Candles and bulbs you choose will light the venue and also make the wedding photos just right.

Extra seats

Provide extra seats for the ceremony. You will need approximately 20 more chairs than people.

Photo wrangler

Ask a brother, sister or cousin to be a photo wrangler. When the photographer gets to the ‘photo of the bride with her uncles and aunts’, photo wrangler will bring those people in front of the camera.

Wedding website

Get the website running before you send save the dates – you will need the URL for the cards.

Newlyweds transportation

Book the limo, specialty car, horse-drawn carriage…


Be sure to use the correct postage. When it comes to the invitations, both the weight and the size matter. Certain enclosure cards and square envelopes can carry an additional cost.

Food and drink

Be sure to check for food allergies. Also, check if any of the guests are vegan or vegetarian. Provide a list of dietary restrictions to your caterer.

Potential overtime

See if the vendors might be willing to stay later. It’s better to know about those fees ahead of time.

Add yourself to the guest count

Couples always forget to add themselves to the guest count. When giving a final guest count to the caterer, include yourself, as well as any food allergies or dietary restrictions you might have.

Vendor meals

Many vendors will require meals on their contracts. Some of them, like bands, will also need a break room. Coordinate this with your caterer and venue.

Change of clothing

Pack a small bag with personal items. Ask a family member, friend or bridesmaid to help get it where it needs to go.

Wedding gown

Don’t forget to make arrangements for the tuxedo and the wedding dress. If you are leaving for the honeymoon the morning after the wedding, assign a family member or a friend to pick your wedding dress or return a tuxedo you rented.

Hotel room block

Book hotel room blocks. See if you can get a discount rate. Offer various price options to your guests.

Welcome bags

Prepare welcome bags for guests from out of town. Also, provide wedding weekend details. Be sure to add a cute favor tag!


Make a list of songs for dinner, father-daughter dance and cocktail hour. Also make a list of songs you don’t want to hear. It will give a guidance to the DJ about the music you love (and music you don’t love).

Wedding signs

Don’t forget to buy or make wedding signs (Cards and gifts, Guest book, Signature cocktails, Welcome to our wedding…).

Cards and gifts

Ask a friend or a bridesmaid to collect cards, gifts, decor and personal items at the end of the evening.

Wedding dress alterations

Schedule the final dress fitting, to see if there are any additional alternations that should be done. Take a bridesmaid or a close friend with you – to learn how to bustle the dress.


Plan out the accessories – headpiece (veil, tiara, flower crown), jewelry (earrings, bracelet, necklace), purse, gloves…

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