Flower girl is an adorable addition to the wedding. Who should you choose? How old should she be? What should she wear? Here’s a flower girl etiquette.

Flower Girl Etiquette

Who should be the flower girl?

Flower girl should be a cousin, niece, younger sister or a close family friend.

How old should she be?

Flower girl should be between 3-8 years old, but you can choose someone younger (as long as she can walk down the aisle).

What should she wear?

Traditionally, her gown should be similar to the bride’s dress. She can also wear a gown that is similar to bridesmaids dresses (same color or similar print).

Does she have to throw the flowers?

No, she can carry pinwheels, balloons or a bottle of bubbles to blow as she walks down the aisle.

How will she process?

If she is old enough to walk on her own, she should go down the aisle before the bride and after the wedding party. If she is to young to walk or she’s a little shy, involve her mom to hold her hand or carry her.

Should she attend the reception?

Yes. Even if you’re having a no-kids reception, wedding party members should still be invited.

Should you get her a gift?

It’s a nice idea, especially if you’re getting a gift for other wedding party members. A small gift is totally fine, just make sure it’s age appropriate.

Can you have more than one flower girl?

Yes. If you have a big family, it’s a good idea to include everyone, to avoid anyone feeling left out.

Who should pay for the dress?

Parents of the flower girl are expected to pay for the dress. If the dress is a bit pricey, you should ask to cover the cost.

What are flower girl alternatives?

You can choose not to have flower girl or you can give that role to a family member or a friend that isn’t a part of the wedding party. You can also give this role to a family pet. Some couples invite their grandparents to walk down the aisle instead of the flower girls.

What are your thoughts on flower girl etiquette?

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