Do you have a niece, sister or a close family friend who you want to include in your big day – but she is too young to be a bridesmaid and too old to be a flower girl? There’s another way to include her in the wedding party – make her a junior bridesmaid. Bridesmaids will organize the bridal shower and bachelorette party, but what are the junior bridesmaid responsibilities?

Junior Bridesmaid Responsibilities

What is a junior bridesmaid?

Junior bridesmaid is a younger member of your wedding party. She falls between the ages of flower girl and bridesmaid (8-16). She can be a niece, cousin, younger sister, daughter, sister-in-law or a close family friend.

What does she do?

Junior bridesmaid should attend rehearsal dinner and ceremony rehearsal. On the wedding day, she will walk down the aisle (ahead of the bridesmaids) and stand at the altar during the wedding ceremony. If you have a sparkler send-off, she should help pass out the sparklers. She may also participate in other pre-wedding events, if they are appropriate for her age group. Bring her and the flower girl to the bridal tea or lunchenon. They can participate in games, assemble favors and help with the clean-up after the bridal shower. If you are particularly close with your junior bridesmaid (especially if she is your daughter or sister) you may also want to include her in cake tasting or dress shopping.

What should she wear?

Junior bridesmaid should match the rest of the bridal party. Many designers create coordinating dresses for younger women (but with age-appropriate necklines and lengths).

Should you have a junior bridesmaid?

It’s a great way to honor younger women by including them in your bridal party, but a junior bridesmaid is not a must-have. If you don’t have a special young women in your life, don’t feel obligated to include someone.

What are your thoughts on junior bridesmaid responsibilities?

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